Growing Share Prosperity


LabCorp has acquired the sole right to process hematite Iron ore in the Northern Cape of South Africa. This project proposes the development, construction, operation, and rehabilitation of an Iron Ore mine, which we anticipate will process on average between 35 000 to 55 000 tons of Iron bearing rock once fully operational. The beauty of this project is we already have material ready to process. This will significantly reduce our operational costs. We will also be using patented pending air separation technology to process the Iron ore and remove contaminates from the final product. This innovative processing method is expected to further reduce our operational and establishment costs, therefore increasing the company’s profits. This is only one of many opportunities we plan on pursuing.




We are looking to raise capital through the sale of shares in the company to purchase modular equipment. If you act fast, you can join us in our latest venture and be a part of revolutionising the way minerals are processed. Our dividends are expected to be higher than competitors as our overheads and operational costs are significantly lower therefore increasing our profits which in turn will increase our dividend yield to shareholders. 

Dividends will be distributed semi-annually (Twice per year). This is an exclusive limited opportunity as we are only issuing shares to the value of 49% of the company and once all the allocated shares are sold the opportunity will no longer exist. Each share is currently priced ZAR 750. 



Disclaimer-LabCorp limited is a growing organisation and you currently have the opportunity to capitalise on our expansion with the purchase of these shares. This is an exclusive offer with only 49% ownership being sold at a rate of R750 per share.



Here you can complete your purchase of shares online. Simply fill in your details below and proceed to payment. PLEASE ENSURE YOUR DETAILS ARE CORRECT!

Immediately upon completion you will receive a receipt. Thereafter within 24 Hours of LabCorp receiving this purchase, you will receive a confirmation email. .

You will be contacted for further details such as where you would like your distributions (dividend payments) that become due on your shares to be made to ect.. Shareholders will be notified as soon as the LabCorp app is available for download on the Apple i-store and Google play store. This app will be used to track your shares as well as receive future updates and reports.


According to the projects that the company currently has we anticipate the duration to be approximately 5 years, you will receive dividends for as long as the company is in operation.

Dividends will be distributed to shareholders on a semi-annual basis, meaning every 6 months.

The amount you will receive in dividends will depend on the number of shares you own. Our dividends will be calculated and paid out to shareholders semiannually, meaning every 6 months or twice a year.

Yes you can. Once you have purchased shares in LabCorp you may sell them at your discretion as they belong to you. You however will need to notify our offices.

Once we received your payment, you will receive your official share certificate within four (4) Business days.

Yes you can. Please note it is your responsibility to ensure you comply with the law in your

Semi annual reports will be sent to share holders via email.

Shares can be purchased directly from LabCorp via our website below or alternatively you can contact our office for assistance.

You may contact the office and request a copy. A new certificate can be issued, However please keep in mind there may be a charge for this service.

This is a limited offer as we are selling a limited number of shares. Once all the allocated shares are sold there will be no more available for purchase.

If a share holder has passed away the next of kin must contact LabCorp with a copy of the death certificate and a letter of Authority. We will then assist with transfer of shares.

Each share costs ZAR750. You are able to buy as many shares as you choose (within the number of shares we have available).